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Systemic Constellations

We are all so much more than individuals living our individual lives. Already at birth we become part of something bigger - our family, however that might look. Being part of a family means that we, without us being aware of it, also become part of a pattern, an attitude, which we adapt and relate to. For better or worse. That pattern is not just about the family in which we live here and now. The family is characterised by all previous generations and the events and conditions that affected them. Traumatic events leave an impression on generations to come.


But systems are not just about the family. Take a moment and think about the many different systems you are or have been part of. Work, association life, friendship groups ... Imagine that the pattern you have with you from generations back affects you and all systems that you are part of. And in each system there are individuals who in turn have several generations with them. A breathtaking thought isn't it!

In a unique way, the experience-based method Systemic Constellations gives  you an increased understanding and new perspectives of your background and your current situation. This enables you to see new solutions to problems that previously felt impossible to resolve and clears the way to greater peace and harmony in life.

Systemic Family Constellations

A family constellation is a systemic and experience-based method in self-knowledge that helps you find new solutions to problems and situations. The method was developed by Bert Hellinger, a German psychologist and therapist, and has been developed for more than 30 years.

Problems often arise in relation to others (family, other close relationships, an authoritarian person, etc.). However they can arise in completely different situations such as not knowing how to choose between careers, a desire to be more comfortable and free in your life and body, to walk around with emotions like depression or sadness which you do not understand etc. The variety of issues that may be appropriate for a constellation is endless! 

Through a workshop in family constellations in which we look at more of the system you are part of, you can come to a new desired situation, with more inner resources and a greater trust in life and yourself. And you do not have to set up a constellation yourself to get something out of the day. Participants or witnesses to a constellation will also get new insights and hopefully new energy into their own lives! 

When setting up a constellation in a group with others, you get the opportunity to see your system act in front of you in a completely unique way without actively participating other than as a provider of information. To get the opportunity of looking at pars of your life  outside yourself creates a greater understanding of problems, situations, relationships, emotions and patterns. You also get to experience your desired situation - not just have it as a thought in your head. An experience that creates change in depth.

 Since constellation work is experience-based, explaining the work in words it is not easy! We recommend you to come as a representative (or client) to experience it all for yourself. Get in touch and we will be happy to tell you more!

 It is also possible to make a constellation individually, without participating in a group. We then use e.g. markers to symbolise and clarify the situation.

Systemic Constellations in organisations

Every organisation - large or small - has an inherent system. The better that system works, the greater the satisfaction of those who are part of the organisation and the better the results for the organisation as a whole. Sounds simple, doesn't it! So what happens when problems arise, individuals and organisations feel bad and the good results are not forthcoming - despite continuous improvement measures? And what can you do about it? 

Just as there are problems in nature when imbalance occurs - e.g. that species disappear, some species get too much space, the climate changes, etc. In the same way, there are problems in organisations when imbalances arise.

 Maybe you're experiencing that even though all processes and systems are in place, there is no flow in the work. Perhaps there are certain positions in the company where individuals are always replaced due to health problems, dissatisfaction or difficulties in succeeding in their role. Perhaps you as a leader have problems managing the organisation in the way that is desirable - whether the employees have been there for a long time or are completely new with the new attitude you have been looking for. 

Through the experience-based method Systemic constellations, you get the opportunity to see what is happening in a completely unique way. For example. you can see where and why imbalances occur and find new ways to correct the system so that everything flows in a more harmonious and satisfactory way. Exciting, isn't it! 

Systemic constellations were originally developed by Bert Hellinger who started out focusing on the Family System. The method has been in constant development for more than 30 years and now also includes methods for organisations and companies.

 Please get in touch to talk about how this method can  help you and your organisation to get new perspectives on the problems you're facing.