Coaching - in English and Swedish

Coaching is a powerful tool that helps you from thought to action in a structured and energetic way! No subject is too big or too small - it can be about your private life, relationships, work life or something completely different.

Maybe you already have a goal that you want to reach and now need help with how to get there? In that case we look at your current situation, what the goal looks like, what obstacles are in the way and set up an action plan to get past the obstacles and reach your goal.


But what if there is no concrete goal? You know that you want a change but you don't know what the change should look like?

In that case coaching is about getting help and space to reflect and become clear about what's that needed. You come with your needs and your problem and together we'll find a way forward. Depending on your situation we'll meet a couple of times or a longer period - we'll decide together during our first meeting!

We'll meet in bright and comfortable locations in Östra Hamngatan 52, in the city of Gothenburg, online or by phone - whatever suits you best.

Life and Career coaching

Are you wondering wether you are in the right place in life? Are you tired of what you're doing but have no idea of what you want to do instead? Are you unemployed and do not know in which direction you should choose to go?

Sometimes we end up at crossroads in life that in different ways affect life as a whole. It can be about changes such as moving, separations, career changes or having children. But it can also be a feeling of stagnation and feeling a lack of joy and energy. Maybe the changes have made you lose your footing a bit or maybe you simply long for new challenges but can not really put your finger on what they would be.

With Life and Career Coaching, you get a chance to look at your life as a whole with the goal of feeling joy, energy and meaning - both professionally and in the rest of your life.

Coaching for leaders

How do you feel about your role as a manager and leader? Do you have the support you need to be well rooted in your role, your decisions and your actions towards your employees?

As a leaderer, we need to step up and be in the front to enable our business and our employees to move forward. Sometimes we have the support we need. At other times it can be difficult to find the space and tie for you within the company or organisation, for example when there are issues that can not be discussed with those closest to you. Without support and guidance, it can be difficult to know how to act and in which direction to move. 

With experience from many years in the managerial and leadership role, I can be of help for you as a coach and mentor. We discuss your problems and I can help you with tools for the issues that arise in the professional role.

Together we create the structure you need to be confident, clear and effective as a leader!

Coaching for groups

Is everything running smothely in the group or groups that you are part of? It can be a working group, management group or other type of groups. Or do you experience periods when there is no flow, and you don't really understand why or how to move on?

Quite often, the problems we experience is about how we function as a group. One important cornerstone is to have  agood communication - within the group, between group and leader, between employees and between different groups. Communicating, having a dialogue, making oneself understood as well as understanding others, is an art. The better we are at that art, the greater the chance we have of being effective and successful in what we do.

With a greater understanding of each other and a well-functioning communication, the collaboration flows both easier and more efficiently. For that to happen, we might need a coach with  a new perspective to help sorting out what's needed.

We start with where your group is right now and create a common picture of "today". This is important for us to  be able to look ahead and create a common goal.