About InRelation

My name is Elisabeth Wimarson and I have worked with people in various ways throughout my working life. No matter what industry or role I've had, it was always the relationship with others and the opportunity to support and find solutions that gave me energy and meaning.

In 2006, I felt it was time to take my interest in people and my desire to contribute on a deeper level seriously. I chose a five-year training to become a talk therapist based on Psychosynthesis. During the same period of time I trained to become a Coach in Life and Career coaching and Business Planning. An exciting journey for which I am grateful every day!

In 2011 I started InRelation - a business with the aim to help people, groups and organisations to take steps towards feeling and functioning better. Being a talk therapist and coach means being able to contribute in depth, to be allowed to get close to what is difficult and to help find ways forward. A fantastic job that I do with great humility and joy. My previous background comes in handy. With the experience from a various amount of different industries and roles such as sales manager, CEO, project manager and consultant, I easily grasp what an everyday life can look like for the person sitting in front of me. An everyday life that often is about the difficulty of finding a balance between work and private life. 

We meet at InRelation on Östra Hamngatan - right in the city of Gothenburg. A quiet place where you get space to breath and reflect without the disturbing noise of everyday life. When not in the office I'm on assignments in companies as a teacher, coach and consultant. The work is all about people; trainings in personal development, group development,  leadership training, workshops etc.

Welcome - I look forward to meeting you!

The Relationship - an important tool of mine

One of my most important tools working with people in meetings and trainings is the relationship and having a holistic approach to the human being, where all our parts are included; emotions, thoughts, body and soul. Focus is always on getting what is healthy and well to grow. This applies both in working with individuals and in leadership development, groups and organisations. 

When I first came in contact with a holistic and relational approach, I was in the middle of my career - and in a life crisis. The only thing I knew for sure was that I needed to do things differently and that I could not do it on my own, no matter how hard I tried. Today I am grateful that I allowed myself to stop, feel and ask for help. Through a more permissive approach, I have found my way in life and feel joy and curiosity in being here and now. And despite the fact that life sometimes sways - as it does - I feel confident in being on the right path. 

The first step towards a rich and harmonious life - whether it's about your private life or professional life - is being in relation with yourself. It's an exciting journey about getting to know your needs and starting to act in a way that is of better benefit to you and your well-being. And by continuing to be in relation - with yourself and with others - you can live a life that is rich in the way that you want it to be.

Hence the name of my company; InRelation!

Education - a selection

  • Certified Therapist, Psychosynthesis Institute Gbg (5 years) * 
  • Stress, Health and Stress Management, Sexology and Child and Adolescent Psychology (University of Gothenburg and Trollhättan University) 
  • Coach Business Planning (Sthlm) 
  • Coach Life and Career Coaching (Gbg) 
  • Market Economist, DIHM (Gbg)
  • Numerous trainings in  leadership, marketing, sales, business acumen etc. (Gbg, Sthlm etc.)
  • Certified in DISC (Sthlm) 
  • Systemic Constellations in both family and organisations (London UK, Diepenveen NL, Sthlm, Gbg) 
  • Yoga teacher (Gbg) 
  • Continuing advanced training in areas such as Narcissism, Dreams, Creative Writing, Business Intuition and more. (Sthlm, London, Gbg et al.) 
As a member of the Psychosynthesis Association, a professional association for therapists, I have committed myself to following the ethical rules the association set up for professional therapists in Sweden. Confidentiality and regular supervision by an experienced and trained supervisor are examples of these rules. The rules also follow the requirements of the European professional association EFPP for therapists working in Europe.

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