Therapy / Counselling - in English or Swedish

I sometimes get the question "What is the difference between therapy and coaching?" Maybe both sounds like something you might need but you are not sure? It usually becomes clear already on the phone or at our first meeting, however a brief discription could be the following. In coaching we look at the "here and now" and where you would like to move forward to. If you want a change in life but have difficulty getting there, coaching can be a way to see your obstacles, find ways to get past them and set up a plan to reach your goals.

If you've tried coaching without getting the result that you wanted, or  maybe even found yourself ending up at the same spot with the same obstacles again and again, then it may be time to go into therapy or counselling.


The difference is that in therapy and counselling, in addition to looking at the "here and now" and where you want to get, we also take a look at your history. Often events in our history have created patterns we sometimes do not understand or are fully aware of. And even though they do not really belong in the life we live today, they become obstacles for in our day to day life. In therapy, we'll explore, reflect and create a greater understanding of what we have with us. With that understanding, it will be easier to move forward and to feel and function better.

We'll meet in bright and comfortable locations in Östra Hamngatan 52, in the city of Gothenburg, online or by phone - whatever suits you best. 

When and for whom

Are you unsure whether therapy or counselling is for you? The need for therapy can look very different and the reasons can be many. It'ss often a matter of coming to what feels like a stop in life; life crisis, divorce, loss of a loved one or unemployment to mention some. But it can also be that the feeling of joy and contentment is no longer there and despite our efforts, we have not succeeded in moving forward. Whatever reason - coming to therapy can be helpful in sorting things out and be more content with what is.

To be in therapy

Going into therapy is about wanting to feel well! If you have not been in contact with therapy before, it can sometimes feel strange and maybe even a little scary to take the first step. It's not that weird; we are programmed to stay away from what could possibly hurt and therefor build up fears about what might happen if we start digging within ourselves. However, to occasionally feel pain when looking more closely at the roots of our problems is not dangerous but quite contrary!

I like to make the parable with e.g. massage; If our body is in pain we might go to the masseur to feel better. If we are in pain from the beginning, it hurts a little bit more when the masseur puts pressure on the sore spots on the body. However, this is temporary - the goal is to continue working until it feels good. On other occasions we don't have an immediate pain but might feel that the body needs to be taken care of and get extra replenishment. A visit to the masseur then becomes a pleasant experience that quickly provides increased well-being.

Both options are true even for therapy; sometimes  I have pain in the soul and then it can hurt when I am with the therapist and deepen my understanding of what I feel. At other times I go there without seeking answers to the big questions but simply to reach greater well-being in life. In both cases, the goal is the same - to feel better and feel harmony in life.

When feelings are overwhelming

Having a rich emotional life is a gift - it contributes to well-being, joy, love and an in-depth experience of context.

However - that is not always true. Sometimes emotions can take up so much space that they overshadow everything else. It can be feelings of worry, sadness, loneliness or stress to give some examples of common emotions that can weigh us down. When these types of emotions take up too much space, they prevent us from feeling what is positive and well-functioning in life.

A common reaction might be that we try to suppress what we perceive as negative emotions. Don't do that. Every emotion is there for a reason. To dare to take a closer look at what for example is worrying you is a way to take yourself seriously. And when you take yourself seriously, you can also understand yourself better, start sorting  what's there and arrive at a more balanced view of what you need in life.